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FLIPPERS® are the perfect educational and informational tool for all ages.

Run your finger down the FLIPPER® to the topic you want to refer to. Then "Flip-up" to reveal the information needed. These handy flip-up guides are available with laminated cards or plastic pockets with removable cards. Both versions provide rugged durability. Each are loaded with the information you need... at your fingertips!

Christopher Lee Publications, Inc. does provide special pricing to Educational Stores and College Bookstores. You are able to print order forms specific to these markets. Other Resellers – Display Marketers, Fundraisers, Ad Specialty and those involved in UNIQUE MARKETS – National Guard, Utilities, Emergency Preparedness Directors, and those seeking Custom Flippers, can browse the options we have recommended and call for more information.

Consumers can click here or above, or use the Consumers' Online Ordering button provided on each page. You will be directed to a distributor who sells Flippers® online. You will be leaving the CHRISTOPHER LEE PUBLICATIONS, INC. web site.

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